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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Recent Recall Notices:

First published in February 2013, Updated March 1, 2014, with response to Professor Lusk's claims:

Recent Recalls:
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Dear Professor Jayson Lusk,
Is food supplied by the industry safe enough so we should quit worrying? I believe you would say: No! Hence further clarification is needed in connection with some points that you made in the article by Jenni Spinner titled “Solid Science Trumps Food Fear” in Food Quality, 28-Feb-2014. You are cited to have claimed that the food industry is safer and more efficient than ever, despite the claims of some protestors and activists. How do you reconcile that, in the same Food Quality, we have this article about so many Recalls: E.coli, allergy, glass contamination? Take a look at the listed recalls and fallouts at the end of this article. We are not even talking about the deliberate food adulteration that is going on in the industry around the world - Europol seizes thousands of tonnes of fake food  also posted to Food Quality

Is food really safer these days? 

Take a look:  Australian Salmonella Cases Nearly Doubled Over Past 10 YearsInteractive and integrated food recalls between the U.S. and Canada -

View: Trends in Foodborne Illness in the United States

The food technology advancements and rate of food availability worldwide, and food preparation convenience that you cited show evidence of progress. However, many preventable things are happening that makes one realize that, as apparently as “solid science trumps food fear”, greedy profiteering appears to trump the sense of social responsibility within the industry. Food is actually killing consumers. Even wasted food is deadly to some. Read: Evidenceof a Shameful Social Responsibility Failure. . . 
Just as we cannot simply ignore the good and focus on the bad, we cannot ignore the bad and say that everything is good. The food industry may be light years ahead of where it was 100 years ago in some respects but it is light years behind where it counts. Incessant recalls and food poisoning outbreaks are not good for the industry or for the consumers.

While the industry must endeavour not to lose conquered territories, it must not remain blind to the battles it is losing.

To stop food poisoning outbreaks and food recalls, a radical shift is urgently needed. 
The industry must discard old approaches and commercialized food safety management gimmicks that are like old ships merely repainted and presented as “new versions”.

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