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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Protecting your job or business AT ALL COST can actually end up COSTING YOU ALL:

Sure! We need to make more money to survive these days. Let's hope that we will still find 
safe food to buy with our hard-earned money.

Fear of Rocking the Boat
I am gathering that many people are finding that these blog posts make sense but they are too afraid to lend their support for fear of the "unknown" or fear of reprisal from employers, investors, customers, etc. For some, it may not be fear; but reluctance. 

A boat that does not rock is the one that is going nowhere. On the other hand, if the boat is already sinking, rocking it is the least thing to fear.

A working boat rocks; not rusts.

Hopefully, there is no unwillingness on your part to join the conversation. Joining the call to more realistic and sensible approaches in food safety and quality management may seem pointless to you but do you know that you could be robbing yourself of the satisfaction, and the world of the contributions that you could otherwise make? Who cares, you may ask. 

The world cares.

Let fear be afraid of you:

Former U.S president Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: “. . . the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself.” As was also posted on the Commonsense Updates page of this blog, “Fear kills not only the one who fears but all who could have been helped if the one who fears was brave enough.” - Update 31: 

Tantalizing but Shaky Money-Making Foundations
Some people caught in window-dressing enterprises may argue that, as long as they are getting paid for what they do, what makes sense does not matter. Others may be too blind to see the hoax in which they are entrenched. Neither of these situations ensures true job or business security. Astute consumers are beginning to see through many of the hoaxes in the industry and marketplace.

What is likely to happen, and may be sooner than can be imagined,  is that many employers will eventually want to adopt approaches that reflect the thoughts expressed in these blog posts because consumers are growing more and more knowledgeable about industry controls or lack thereof. Many are becoming increasingly aware that industry could afford better protection for consumers if it is not so bent on profit-making and other agendas. Consumers worldwide are already making this fact known albeit in subtle ways such as unannounced withdrawals from purchasing certain brands. Loud advocates are also emerging as depicted by this video:

Consumers will increasingly make it known in obvious ways that could end up being catastrophic for some players in the industry. Don’t forget, we are all consumers, including those who are in positions to make decisions today. You can fool some of the consumers some of the time but you cannot fool all of the consumers all of the time. How long before the veil drops and jobs, businesses or enterprises thought to be secure are no longer so secure?

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Posted by Felix Amiri

Felix Amiri is currently the chair of GCSE-Food & Health Protection, and a sworn SSQA advocate.

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  1. in our most recent post "Critical Thinkers Envision The Process of Feeding the World"... Critical Thinking (as a process) sees (to perceive with the eye) the organizations product from the beginning to the end; ensuring that the quality necessary to delivered and ensures a customer not only received a product; but that the safety of all its ingredients, packaging, and delivery is paramount in making it all happen. This process can be best viewed as the real cost putting a product on every table of the world, by what an organization saves (in recalls, loss production time, law suits) by ensuring it is delivered safe is what it profits".

    The customer (the finial element) is the driving force that controls effectiveness of any food safety process... ultimately resulting in loss of customers confidence and business!